Using the Clef plugin on cloned WordPress sites

Since Clef's WordPress plugin uses site-specific integration settings on the Clef server (see the integrations in your dashboard), cloning a WP site with the Clef plugin installed will cause an invalid application domain error to be returned when you attempt to log in at the cloned site.

To avoid this error, use one of the following cloning methods.

The automated configuration method

  1. Deactivate and uninstall the Clef plugin on the source site.
  2. Clone the source site.
  3. Install the Clef plugin and complete the automatic setup wizard on both the source and clone sites.

The manual configuration method

  1. Leave the Clef plugin active on the source site, but temporarily turn OFF all of the password disabling features.
  2. Clone the source site.
  3. Turn ON the password disabling features on the source site.
  4. On the cloned site deactivate and uninstall the Clef plugin; then re-install and complete the automated setup wizard.