How do I reinstall Clef on the same phone?

Two steps for reinstallation:


Deactivate Clef in the app (see the settings menu at the top right) or via the online deactivation form.


Once the deactivation is complete, then reactivate Clef via the sign in here link below the green button:

Why the two steps?

In order to protect your Clef account from reactivation fraud (i.e., someone steals your phone and reinstalls the Clef app in order to steal your Clef identity), the app cannot be uninstalled and reinstalled without your express permission (i.e., your PIN and/or fingerprint validation) and the permission of the Clef server (i.e., a device fraud check).

If you cannot open the app (e.g., if you have forgotten your PIN, or if you are seeing the warning message that says you are already signed in to Clef on another phone), then you must complete the two reinstallation steps above.