How to use the Clef mobile app in offline mode

Enable  airplane mode on your phone, and then open the Clef mobile app. You will see the normal Clef wave in our phone's camera just like when you are not in offline mode.
On your computer, open the login page of the Clef-enabled website to which you want to log in, and then sync your phone with the Clef wave on your computer screen .
On your phone, select okay at the prompt for entering offline mode:

Then press the  next button at the prompt for enabling offline mode on your computer:

Your phone will then display a QR code like this:

On your computer, place your mouse over the three dots at the top right, and then click on offline mode.

Press the green Got it! button, and then turn your phone around so that the screen faces your desktop computer's camera. You may be prompted to allow your computer's camera to turn on. If so, select yes, and then hold the phone facing the computer's camera so that it can read the QR code from your phone.
After reading the QR code successfully, your computer will show the following confirmation screen. Press the green  login button to complete the log in:


After logging in via offline mode,  you will be automatically logged out after two hours. If you wish to log out earlier, visit to log out manually. As a convenient reminder, the logout page will open in a new tab when you press the green login button (unless you deselect that option).