How do I use the Clef login shortcode?

The  Clef 2FA WordPress plugin supports the following shortcode: [clef_render_login_button].

This shortcode renders Clef’s Log in with your phone button:

How do I display the Clef Wave?

If you add the embed=true parameter, then the shortcode renders Clef’s embedded Wave:

How do I display the Register button?*

If you add the  type=register parameter, then the shortcode renders Clef’s Register with your phone button:

*This feature is coming soon (i.e., in version 2.6.2).

How do I use the shortcode in posts or pages?

Use the shortcode in any post or page like this:

Example 1: Clef’s “Log in with phone your phone” button
Example 2: Clef Wave
[clef_render_login_button embed=true]
Example 3: Register button
[clef_render_login_button type=register]

Can I use the shortcode in text widgets?

Yes you can. Follow these steps:

Install the Shortcodes in Sidebar Widgets plugin.

Create a new text widget in your WordPress Dashboard, and put the Clef shortcode in it.

Leave the automatically add paragraphs option disabled.

Does enabling shortcode support affect full-page caching on the front end?

Enabling shortcode support means that the  OAuth2 state parameter cookie (i.e., wordpress_clef_state) is set on every request for all users browsing the front end including anonymous users. Thus server-side caches such as Varnish may lose the ability to provide full-page caching to anonymous users when shortcode support is enabled.