How does Clef’s single sign on/off work?

Summary: Clef’s single sign on involves three steps:

  1. Sync your phone with the Clef Wave at your first site.
  2. Set the logout timer.
  3. Click to log in at subsequent sites.

Single sign off happens either automatically (when the timer expires) or manually (when you push the log out button on your phone).

1. Sync your phone with the Clef Wave at your first site

At the beginning of your work period, sign in to your first Clef-enabled site by syncing your phone with the Clef Wave.

2. Set the logout timer

  • See the timer duration guide.
  • Pressing the infinity button will keep you signed in indefinitely. 
  • Clef will alert your phone 5 minutes before logging you out so that you can add extra time if needed.

3. Click to log in at subsequent sites.

  • Open the login page of another Clef-enabled site in the same web browser.
  • You will see an “already logged in to Clef” screen. Click the Log in button to enter your site.
  • Repeat step three for all of your Clef-enabled sites.

Single Sign Off

In order to protect you from forgetting to log out at the end of your work period, Clef logs you out of all of your Clef-enabled sites

  • either automatically when your logout timer expires,
  • or manually whenever you press the log out now button (see step 2 above). 

Single Sign On (SSO) FAQ

Does SSO work on WordPress multisite networks?
Yes. Clef’s SSO works the same way for individual WordPress sites and multisite network sites.

Can I use multiple web browsers with SSO?
No. For security reasons single sign on does not work in multiple browsers simultaneously. To sign in to multiple sites, open new tabs in one browser (e.g., Chrome) rather than opening new windows in multiple browsers (e.g., Chrome plus Firefox plus Safari plus Internet Explorer, etc.).

Does SSO sync between multiple computers?
No. Syncing Clef logins between multiple computers is not yet supported.