Clef and Localization

Is Clef available in “xyz” language?

The answer is yes and no depending on which part of the Clef ecosystem you are referring to:

  1. Presently, the Clef mobile apps are available only in English. Adding localization support for non-English languages is on the development roadmap.
  2. The Clef API including the Clef login screens supports localization. The current status of translations is available at Clef's Transifex project.
  3. Select Clef plugins are localized. For example, the Clef Two-Factor Auth WordPress plugin is localized, and the current status of supported languages is available at Clef 2FA's WP Plugin Transifex project.

Can I help translate Clef in my language?

Yes! To get started, register yourself as a translator at one or both of the Transifex project pages linked above.