What should I do if the application ID is not found?

If you're seeing this, it's because the application ID either specific on your Clef button or in your plugin settings is not valid. There are a few ways this could happen:

  • If you've recently deleted an application, you may still be referencing it in your configuration. 
  • If you've recently changed the "data-app-id" setting on your button, you may have made a typo in the configuration.
  • If you've recently updated your settings in your WordPress dashboard, you may have accidentally changed the application ID at the bottom.

I'm using WordPress or another plugin

To fix either of these issues, please log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to your Clef settings, click the "Reset Settings" button at the bottom of the page and reconfigure your integration.

I'm doing a custom integration

If you're doing a custom integration, please verify that your application ID is correct in the data-app-id property on the button.